About our Restaurant

About our Restaurant

Located on P St. NW, or as we like to call it, Panas St., 
in the historic district of Dupont Circle; in the heart of Washington DC. 
Our shop offers a convenient location with a modern, clean,
and cozy space to enjoy empanadas and more.
See you muy pronto :)


Our Kitchen

Each day, we prepare a new batch of fresh empanadas in our
central kitchen in Rockville, Maryland. 
Our kitchen is under daily USDA certification and inspection. 
Every single day, a USDA inspector is present at our facility to
ensure we follow strict USDA regulations and
best practices on food safety and hygiene.  
We are proud of our record, quality control programs,
and best practices. 
Panas is a nut-free facility so there are no risks of cross contamination
from nut allergens.


We make all our empanadas by hand, in small batches to

ensure the quality and flavor of our empanadas.

Our meats and fresh vegetables are also cut by hand to

respect the integrity of ingredients.

We fill our empanadas by hand with real, wholesome ingredients. 

Unlike, highly processed plants that use gels and additives to fill

empanadas with automated equipment.


  • Hormone and antibiotic free meats;
  • Unbleached, Unbromated flour;
  • No lard;
  • No added preservatives or additives.