Party ON us. Party ON Panas!

Every week. One big prize.  Many small surprises. 

You can win this Panas Party

Pre-Selected Winners This Week

November 8, 2018

No. First Name Email ID
1 Wein e632384836
2 Richard 7167ec3676
3 Marco 39ce9fba4a
4 Sheng aac873b937
5 Eric a06e5d7d81
6 Mercedes 225f22f076
7 DiNoua 607689034e
8 Isabel ff01bf0c48
9 Hiba dca65104ca
10 Adrienne 0732fdf31f




1.  Check if your email-list ID is among the pre-selected winners above;

2. If it is, hurry! The first pre-selected winner to email us wins the Panas Party!  

3.  If you are among the 10 pre-selected winners, you emails us but you are not the first one, you will get a surprise prize.

4. You must email us within 3 hours of receiving our email to win.


  • You must be subscribed to our email list.
  • We'll randomly pre-select 10 Panas customers using the unique email-list ID to identify subscribers.
  • The winner of the Party on Panas catering will be the first customer to reply to us within 3 hours of receiving our email. 
  • The remaining 9 pre-selected winners to reply within 3 hours will get a surprise prize (a special discount, a free meal at Panas, other fun ideas)
  • The Panas Party must be scheduled within 10 days of receiving the email confirming that you are the winner.  Delivery is included within 3 miles from our Shop in Dupont and the order will be delivered hot, ready for consumption.  
  • Only one subscription per person.  Email subscriptions or Panas Points accounts for the same person under different emails will be disabled.
  • Panas reserves the right to modify these rules.