(CS): Steak + Chipotle Sauce + Peppers

Inspired by Tex-Mex cuisine, enjoy the great flavors of a steak burrito without the mess. We make our own Chipotle sauce from scratch, creating a smoky flavor with just a little bit of heat from the smoked Jalapeno peppers. We slow cooked our steak until its pulls apart and let all the spices and herbs come together in this flavorful and juicy empanada. How to tell them apart? Look for the letters CS in one of the empanada's corners.

Ingredients: Top round beef; Green Bell Pepper; Red Bell Peppers; Cilantro; Onions; Tomatoes; Black Beans; Black pepper; Cumin; Paprika; Chipotle powder; Dry chipotle peppers; Dry oregano; Garlic; Oil Canola; Sea Salt.

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